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Backed by our own money

At Westcore Europe, we invest our own money into every deal. As the lead investor in every deal, we guarantee complete alignment and consistent level of meticulous selection. The tremendous returns that Westcore has delivered for investors has come from fine tuning our investment philosophy and execution capability.

Tried and tested over decades

Our numbers


Average Weighted IRR

€1 billion

Europe Transaction volume

€450 million


Investment criteria

Identify and operate valuable properties that generate highly attractive returns for ourselves and investors while delivering positive experiences for the communities they exist within.


Westcore targets opportunities that are overlooked by many institutional investors due to their size, tenant mix, or complexity. By concentrating efforts where there is typically a scarcity of capital and less appetite for complexity, we have an edge.


Agility and value based

Our investment approach is adaptable, meaning we can effectively capitalize on changing market dynamics. We look for off market opportunities and compelling seller circumstances


Risk mitigated

The search for value begins with minimizing risk. That is where we begin our analysis on every deal. Only when we are confident that key risks can be mitigated do we look at incremental value.


Quality Relationships

We establish strong relationships with tenants, brokers/agents and financial partners. Value is created at acquisition and unlocked during ownership.

Investment methodology

Investment Chart
Investment Chart
Investment Approach Infographic