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Westcore recognises that it has a responsibility to embark on a journey to ‘Net Zero Carbon’ and that an active approach to understanding and managing climate risks and opportunities is fundamental to delivering resilient investment returns and supporting the transition to a low carbon society.

Westcore recognises that ignoring these issues when considering asset management and investment decisions risks the erosion of income and value, as well as missing opportunities to enhance investment returns.

Net Zero Carbon baseline

Over the next 12 months Westcore will complete its operational Net Zero Carbon baseline which will provide operational energy and carbon targets for all of its assets and Westcore general operations. This will include a programme of activities and key performance indicators.

Resource-efficient and
flexible spaces

Offering occupiers resource-efficient and flexible space is critical to ensure our investments are fit for purpose and sustain their value over the long term. As asset owners and managers, we have the opportunity to help reduce running costs for our occupiers, increase employee productivity and wellbeing, and contribute to the prosperity of a location through building design and public realm.

Westcore Objectives

Energy & Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

Westcore has an objective to procure 100% renewable electricity for landlord-controlled supplies by 2027.


Fresh water is a finite resource of increasing importance for the environment and society and reductions in consumption can deliver operational cost efficiencies. Westcore will introduce initiatives to monitor water consumption where the landlord has supply responsibilities and encourage active management of asset-level consumption.


Effective waste management decreases pollution and resource consumption, as well as improving operational efficiency and associated costs. To this end, waste generation should be minimised, and disposal should be as sustainable as possible. Westcore will establish an objective to send zero waste directly to landfill and to achieve optimal recycling.

Improvements & Building Refurbishments:

Westcore will seek to deliver developments and refurbishments to high sustainability performance standards by utilising certification standards and frameworks such as BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology).

Green Party Building Certifications:

Third-party green building certification will help us to better understand the sustainability performance of our portfolio’s underlying assets. Westcore is undertaking studies on all existing and new buildings to identify improvement actions.

Property Management:

Property Managers play an integral role in supporting the sustainability programme. Westcore will establish a set of Sustainability Requirements for its Property Managers to adhere to in the course of delivering property management services.

Health & Wellbeing:

A range of health and wellbeing initiatives to deliver improvements across all Westcore assets and within refurbishments and developments.

Occupier and Community Engagement:

Active engagement with occupiers to ensure a good occupational experience to help retain and attract tenants. Westcore will undertake a combination of internal and external tenant satisfaction surveys to be delivered with support from a third-party customer satisfaction specialists.