Dijon, France
  • Acquisition Type:
    Sale & leaseback (Japy-Tech)

  • Acquisition Date:

  • Status:

  • Project:
    3 buildings (production & warehouse)

  • Building Age:

  • Size:
    25,700 sq m

  • Asset Class:

  • Return:
  • Westcore Europe has purchased a 25,700 sq m industrial property, on a 99,000 sq m site, in the eastern suburb of Dijon in France, from owner-occupier Japy-Tech, a leading manufacturer in the dairy industry, in a sale and leaseback transaction.
  • The property comprises a 73,000 sq m site with a mix of industrial and ancillary office space. The property has been taken on a long-term lease by Japy-Tech, and an adjacent plot of land totalling around 26,000 sq m, which provides an opportunity to deliver up to 12,000 sq m of potential development.

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