Barak Sela

Property Manager


Barak Sela is based in Berlin and works within the asset management team which oversees the operation of Westcore’s German portfolio.

Prior to joining the Westcore team, Barak gained many years of experience as a financial analyst and controller.

Barak holds a Bachelor’s of Business Psychology at the HMKW University of Economics, Berlin and is fluent in German, English, and Hebrew.

Barak Sela

A growing footprint across Europe

London office
42 St James’s Place,
London, UK
Geneva office
Rue des Voisins 17,
Geneva, Switzerland
Berlin office
Hardenbergstraße 27, 17th Fl
Zoofenster, Berlin, Germany
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Gutheil Schoder Gasse 8-12,
Vienna, Austria
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Raamplein 1, 1016 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands