Jan Bartelheimer



Jan Bartelheimer is based in Berlin and leads the German acquisition and leasing team.

He started his career in real estate in 2005 with his own residential and commercial asset management company, providing leasing, property, and construction management services to a variety of local and overseas investment companies. He is also a specialist in marketing with his own marketing agency in Berlin.

Jan studied law in Berlin and Kiel where he graduated.

Jan Bartelheimer

A growing footprint across Europe

London office
42 St James’s Place,
London, UK
Geneva office
Rue des Voisins 17,
Geneva, Switzerland
Berlin office
Hardenbergstraße 27, 17th Fl
Zoofenster, Berlin, Germany
Vienna office
Gutheil Schoder Gasse 8-12,
Vienna, Austria
Amsterdam office
Raamplein 1, 1016 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands