Robert Roethenmund



As head of Westcore’s German operations, Robert Roethenmund brings considerable real estate experience from his career spanning global real estate investment, development, and finance, with a specific focus on Western Europe and Chinese markets.

Robert founded Peregrine Holdings International, a real estate investment firm, in 2007 which represents Westcore in Germany. Previously, he held the title of Managing Partner of a German development company, and also served as a Partner for 25 years at one of the largest private investor/development real estate companies with offices around the globe. Prior to focusing on international real estate, he worked in finance and investment banking with Goldman Sachs.

Robert graduated from Harvard Business School where he received his Masters of Business Administration, and obtained his undergraduate degree with distinction from Dartmouth College.

Robert Roethenmund

A growing footprint across Europe

London office
42 St James’s Place,
London, UK
Geneva office
Rue des Voisins 17,
Geneva, Switzerland
Berlin office
Hardenbergstraße 27, 17th Fl
Zoofenster, Berlin, Germany
Vienna office
Gutheil Schoder Gasse 8-12,
Vienna, Austria
Amsterdam office
Raamplein 1, 1016 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands