Siv Pheng UNG

Financial Director UK / Europe


Siv Pheng UNG is responsible for the financial operations of Westcore Europe. Siv Pheng has worked in multiple global locations in diverse companies, from multinational to family-owned group, and for some of the largest brands in the world. Siv Pheng has strong experience in corporate finance, strategy and business development (M&A) and previously worked for CapitaLand in London and Seoul. Siv Pheng received a BA from University of Leeds, a Master from Audencia Business School, and an MBA from Bowling Green State University.

Siv Pheng UNG

A growing footprint across Europe

London office
Geneva office
Rue des Voisins 17,
Geneva, Switzerland
Berlin office
Hardenbergstra├če 27, 17th Fl
Zoofenster, Berlin, Germany
Vienna office
Gutheil Schoder Gasse 8-12,
Vienna, Austria
Amsterdam office
Raamplein 1, 1016 XK Amsterdam, Netherlands