Ian Morgan

Director UK Transactions


Ian Morgan, Head of Transactions, is the most recent addition to Westcore Europe’s senior team. Based in Westcore’s London office Ian has decades of experience in real estate transactions, joint venture partnerships, due diligence, and financial analysis for some of the world’s top real estate investment companies and private equity firms and has worked in a wide variety of countries spanning three continents. This experience gave him the opportunity to learn multiple languages; he is fluent in both Spanish and Russian and proficient in French and Portuguese.

Prior to joining Westcore Ian founded his own London-based advisory business, where he focused on acquisitions for real estate equity funds and family offices. He has also led acquisitions for numerous real estate investment companies, private equity firms, and advised the third largest bank in Scandinavia on its non-performing real estate loans.

Ian earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Carleton College, and his MBA/MA degree from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). Contact him via: 

Ian Morgan

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